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  • We have developed new drugs for:


    Female Genital Schistosomiasis (FGS)


    Uterine Schistosomiasis


    Liquid Praziquantel



    Patent Approved!!!





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  • Liquid Praziquantel

    Patent pending


    Our scientist have made a break through discovery that will allow children to have access to this life saving drug.

    Liquid Praziquantel is not only easily administered orally but it now can be accurately dosed in a ml solution, no more guessing by breaking large pills. Villya's new form of Praziquantel is not only liquid it is more effective as it is water-soluble and is combined with other ingredients to help eliminate the toxicity of the dying parasites from the patients body.
































  • Villasel

    U.S. Pat. No. 10,857,151

    A drug for Female Vaginal Schistosomiasis (FGS)


    Our research has led Villya to the discovery that Female Vaginal Schistosomiasis is a disease having its own biome and needs to be treated as such. Oral Praziquantel does not have the power to penetrate this alone so we have developed our new drug Villasel. This drug works as a topical gel administered directly to the sight of the infection clearing the parasites. Villya designed this drug specifically to eliminate the threat so we combined our two active ingredients to eliminate not only the adult worms but the juveniles and egg!


    By eliminating the cause of FGS we are able to save the patient from cervical cancer related to FGS and exposure HIV.




































    U.S. Pat. No. 10,857,151

    A drug to treat intrauterine Schistosomiasis  

  • For treatment of Schistosomiasis intrauterine. When schistosomiasis resides beyond the cervix in females and needs to be treated Inlasel can be used to treat schistosomiasis.

  • Painful bladder syndrome referred to as: IC, Interstitial Cystitis

    Our research has pointed to the hidden cause of IC as (FGS) Schistosomiasis

    a neglected tropical parasitic disease that has made it's way out of the

    tropics. The female body's structure with the position of the urethra

    to the reproductive tract makes for an easy transfer of the

    infection for this parasite.


    We have developed the drugs to do something about it.




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